Our Philosophy

Our founder, Pierre Omidyar, a French-born Iranian-American, started eBay to create economic opportunity by connecting people from widely different backgrounds and geographies. On eBay, sellers with items to offer and buyers seeking to find their version of perfect join together in a global marketplace that is open to all. Diversity and inclusion at eBay goes well beyond a moral necessity – it’s the foundation of our business model and absolutely critical to our ability to thrive in an increasingly competitive global landscape.

This Is How We Do It

A Workforce that Works for Everyone

What does it mean to promote diversity and inclusion in our workforce, and what is eBay doing about it? VP of Engineering Dan Fain shares his view that eBay's workforce needs to reflect the global community it serves. He highlights the work that he and his technology team are doing to recruit people from a variety of backgrounds.

Dan shares that his introverted nature is actually a plus when it comes to understanding and leading people in?an?inclusive?environment. He may not reflect quickly in the moment, but by listening carefully, he takes in and processes what another person is telling him. That's a useful skill when it comes to diversity and inclusion, he says, since it helps better understand what other people are thinking and where they're coming from.

Thriving in the Workplace

Director of Finance Jamien Jordan and Senior Manager of Human Resources Prisco Morelos discuss how the Management Leadership for?Tomorrow (MLT) Career Advancement Program experience shaped?how they think about leading at eBay. Jamien learned about the far-ranging?impact that managers with her skillset can have?on the people they lead. And for Prisco, hearing work challenges shared by other program participants helped him?reaffirm?that what makes him different can actually make him a stronger leader.

During the 12-week intensive program, Jamien and Prisco had the opportunity to connect with other minority managers, work with an executive coach and develop critical skill sets. The program not only helped them to expand their network of peers and advisors, but also provided a unique space for them to discuss leadership challenges and opportunities common within the Black and Hispanic and Latino communities. Both Jamien and Prisco are leveraging their MLT experience in ways that help to create a more diverse and inclusive culture at eBay.

Being Intentional In the Marketplace

As the son of an immigrant dad from Ghana and a mom from Indiana, VP & General Manager of Soft Goods Sam Bright shares how he and his team spotlight sellers from diverse backgrounds in order to reach buyers across the globe.?He talks about how eBay empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs to not just provide for their families, but also to drive social good in the world.

Sam says that diversity, inclusion and business can often intersect perfectly with philanthropy to drive optimal outcomes for the entire eBay community. Sam lived this truth through a unique partnership with Chicago-based, African-American artist, Hebru Brantley. Like Sam, Hebru’s family was tragically impacted by breast cancer. When Hebru and eBay collaborated to sell one of Hebru’s limited edition prints commemorating his mother and sister on International Women’s Day, the prints sold out within hours, and much of the proceeds benefit breast cancer research.

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Our archive reports can be accessed here:?2017 D&I Report?|?2017 EEO-1 Report?|?2016 D&I Report?|?2016 EEO-1 Report

Diversity and Inclusion at eBay is about making sure that when people are part of our community—whether they are people who are interested in working here, global employees, or one of the millions of buyers and sellers who transact on our platform—they feel included and know that great opportunities are available to them—regardless of background.
Damien Hooper-Campbell, Chief Diversity Officer

Life at eBay